A metallic element (Al), it is the third most abundant element on the earth's crust (after oxygen and silicon). Its characteristics of ductility, softness, lightness and resistance to oxidation make it suitable for industrial processes including casting, extrusion, forging, stamping and rolling. It is mainly extracted from bauxite (primary aluminum) or obtained from recycled sources (secondary aluminum).

Aluminium semi-finished products

Our company is able to offer any type of semi-finished product.

Alloys and uses

Our range of alloys for different applications and industrial sectors.

EN AW1050
Al 99.5
Aluminium bars, Aluminium sheets, Aluminium wires, Aluminium strips, Aluminium circles

99.5% pure aluminum for general use characterized by not very high mechanical properties and high dimensional stability. Alloy used in the industrial sector, for covering roofs and making cookware and lighting components.
Excellent corrosion resistance, good weldability and drawing.

EN AW2011 (11 S)
Al Cu Bi Pb
Aluminium bars

Alloy used in small metal parts. Excellent replacement for brass bars to create resistant and light parts.

EN AW5083 (Peraluman)
Al Mg4,5 Mn
Aluminium sheets

Al-Mg alloy, for general use characterized by excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion.
Not very high mechanical features. Good formability. Weldable by fusion.
The alloy exhibits excellent toughness both at room temperature and at low temperatures.

EN AW5754
Aluminium sheets, Aluminium strips, Aluminium circles

Aluminum-magnesium alloy, characterized by excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion in general; mechanical features are modest, formability is high; weldable by fusion.

EN AW6060 (Anticorodal)
Al Mg Si0,5
Aluminium bars, Aluminium tubes

Due to its good cold plastic deformability and excellent resistance to corrosion, this alloy is used in household appliances, building and window sectors.

EN AW6082 (Anticorodal)
Al Si1 Mg Mn
Aluminium bars, Aluminium tubes, Aluminium sheets

Aluminum-silicon-magnesium-manganese alloy for general use.
Good resistance values, at the top for alloys from 6000 series.
Good corrosion resistance. Excellent weldability. Good machinability on machine tools.
Alloy used in building structures, automotive construction, transportation and molding materials.

EN AW7075 (Ergal)
Al Zn Mg Cu 1,5
Aluminium bars, Aluminium sheets

Alloy used for highly stressed structural parts (aeronautical industry and armaments).

Solutions and services

Mario Crespi S.p.A. is able to offer its customers all types of semi-finished products, as well as various additional services for different needs.

Stock Service

We own one of the largest stocks ready for international delivery for hollow bars and solid bars, also in low lead content alloy.

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