Solutions and services

In addition to the wide availability of its stocks, Mario Crespi S.p.A. offers accessory services to complete its offer.

Mario Crespi Spa certified metal profiles Certified metal profiles

Quality control

In addition to the sample checks carried out on all batches of incoming goods, we are one of the few companies providing 100% checks on semi-finished products for special applications.

Product certification

We can provide certification of the items in stock on request.

Mario Crespi Spa certified metal products Certified semi-finished metal products.
Mario Crespi Spa metal satin finish Satin finish
Mario Crespi Spa PVC protection PVC protection

Surface treatments on sheets

  • Polishing from industrial to specific for furnishing uses;
  • Standard Scotch Brite with satin finishing or variable grain on specific customer request;
  • Surface protection with differentiated plastic films for different requirements.

Laminates in special formats

In order to reduce waste on mass production, we can set up circles and strips in customized formats.

Mario Crespi Spa tailormade metal circles Tailormade metal circles
Mario Crespi Spa tailormade metal flaps Tailormade flaps
Mario Crespi Spa tailormade metal flaps Tailormade flaps
Mario Crespi Spa tailormade metal profiles Tailormade metal profiles

Profile production

We can produce drawn and extruded profiles according to customers' request, also providing the related manufacturing equipment.

Collection of processing waste

We offer a scrap collection service aimed at supplying new semi-finished products in transformation.

Mario Crespi Spa production waste collection service Production waste collection service
Mario Crespi Spa scrap collection service Scrap collection service

Wrapping and packing

For greater protection of the items supplied, we oversize the packaging used for medium and long-haul transport. More specific solutions can be evaluated with our sales department.


We offer customers a free-to-destination delivery service in collaboration with the most reliable carriers on the market.

Crespi Metalli stocking facilities Crespi Metalli S.p.A. stocking facilities
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