Stock service

We own one of the largest international ready-to-ship warehouses for hollow metal bars and solid bars, including low-lead alloy.

Mario Crespi S.p.A. metal bars

Ready-to-ship service

Mario Crespi S.p.A. is able to offer customers all types of semi-finished products in brass, copper, aluminum, bronze and nickel silver: bars, tubes, strips, wires, commercial profiles, custom profiles, circles and sheets.

We also own one of the largest stocks ready for international delivery for hollow bars (round, square and hexagonal) and solid bars (rectangular, round, square and hexagonal), also in low lead content alloy (USA alloy CW510L).

In most of the provinces of Lombardy and Piedmont, for orders over 100 kg, we guarantee delivery to the customer with our own vehicles without charging additional costs. For other destinations the best couriers help us to guarantee delivery within 24/72 hours.

Individual stocks

In order to offer maximum support to the growing needs of just in time supplies, we evaluate commercial agreements for setting up dedicated stocks based on each company's specific requirements.

Mario Crespi S.p.A. warehouses
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