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Mario Crespi S.p.A. offices
Mario Crespi S.p.A. warehouses

Gallarate offices and warehouse

Viale Milano, 153 - Gallarate (VA) Italy.
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Ph: +39 0331 792028
Fax: +39 0331 793883

Mario Crespi S.p.A. metal warehouses

Gozzano offices and warehouse

Via per Briga, 21, 28024 - Gozzano (NO) Italy.
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Ph.: +39 0322 94176
Fax: +39 0322 93775

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Strengthened by its values ​​and its history, Mario Crespi S.p.A. has always placed human resources at the center of every business process, creating value through individual talents. We offer a stimulating, innovative environment, marked by sustainability, where flexibility and team spirit are key.

About us

Mario Crespi S.p.A., a leading company in the marketing of non-ferrous metals, was founded in 1938 and can be considered one of the longest-lived and most prolific companies in the market for the distribution and wholesale of industrial metals.

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